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In this opportunity we will travel the most amazing routes in the mountains of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, through the heights of Lamay and Pisac accompanied by cargo llamas and friendly local muleteers.


We will meet at La Base Lamay, then we will go by bus to the Sapacto sector, where we will meet our Llamas and muleteers, and we will load the Llamas with food and equipment for lunch, and we will begin our walk in good company. We will start walking a kind uphill trail before we reach the puna and wetlands. In this unique and important environment, we might find herds of Alpacas, Llamas and sheeps, local people doing their farming labors and grazing their cattle. Also, as part of the environment, we will see traditional corals and houses made of stones and straw.  We will stop for a delicious lunch made with local and healthy ingredients, and take our time to enjoy the beautiful landscape and outdoors atmosphere.  After lunch, we will retake our hike with amazing views of the Apus, our sacred and astonishing mountains, to finally reach the first of the three mythical lakes of Kinsacocha (3 lakes).


The van will pick us up and take us to Pisac and back to our hotel or next destination.


It is important to highlight that the local people from the communities, takes care of the trail. We pay a fee that is a support for the sustainable development and nature conservation, from the adventure travel industry. And by carrying out this activity with the llamas, we are contributing to the generation of local employment of fair value and to the re-introduction of the llamas to the Andean ecosystem.

FULL DAY: 6 - 7 Hrs


4316 masl
Uphill: 316 m / Downhill: 1416 m

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  • Hike with llamas and local muleteers

  • Bilingual guide

  • Picnic

  • Transportation to/from La Base Lamay

  • Community fee


Every Day Private Departures

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