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Fascinating experience that will allow us to learn about traditional activities in the village of Lamay, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 


We will go for a walk through this small traditional village. Starting with the visit of the Lamay Church, built in the 17th century, plenty of artwork that belongs to many different important cities in the world. We will be able to visit the mezzanine of the choir and the bell tower, and learn how the bell ring for each different occasion, a language that has been lost among the years. Then we will learn about guinea pig breeding and how a traditional activity has transformed into a business opportunity for the locals. Afterwords, we will visit a traditional corn beer brewery (chichería), where we will learn about the process of making “chicha de jora” (corn beer), the benefits and importance of this drink for the farmers and local people in the village. We will enjoy this moment with chicha and a traditional and healthy snack, called “picante”. If there is time enough, we will visit the Lamay bread oven, an important meeting place of the Lameños every morning. We will learn about bread-making and other traditional uses that they give to such important tool. 


It is the same local people and owners of these initiatives, who will explain what their life is like around their daily activity. With our visit we will be contributing to raise value to each of these important activities that each of them carries out.

HALF DAY ( 2 - 3 Hrs )


3000 masl


- Bilingual guide
- Community fee
- Snack


All year long:

Saturday and Sunday

* Every Day Private Departures

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